Illnesses in the oral cavity often originate from the teeth.

Tooth decay often leads to the destruction of tooth crowns and root inflammations that can propagate to the bone as well. Malpositioned teeth often find no space in the row of teeth and may become the source for infections.The periodontal disease or periodontitis is the cause of receding gums and tooth loss.


We are your experts for dental surgery and have experience in the treatment of all these ailments. The most common surgeries include extraction of teeth, apex resection and the treatment of gum diseases.


We also have great experience in treating high-risk patients who have to take permanent prescription, e.g. anticoagulant drugs, because of their underlying disease. In the case of concerned patients, we comprehensively discuss which therapy method is especially gentle for their condition.


In order to ensure pain-free surgery, we offer treatment with local anesthetic under sedation or with general anesthetic. We cooperate with experienced anesthetic specialists who can ensure a safe and gentle anesthetic.

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