Facial Plastic Surgery in the ATOS Clinic

Growing older while still feeling young

Above all, this requires a positive attitude which is reflected in your aura. A face is considered beautiful if its proportions are harmonious. Nose, eyes and lips are important for an attractive appearance. A nasal hump or a receding chin can adversely affect the facial profile and cause a desire for correction. Wrinkles around the mouth or eyelids that make you appear permanently tired, often cause a discrepancy between outer appearance and your perceived age. 

Before you decide on a change, a comprehensive consultation is very important. Hereby, the face as a whole needs to be considered. Often, aesthetic impairments go hand in hand with functional ones that can be remedied with proven treatment strategies. 

For me, it is important to understand your goals and objectives very well, in order to emphasize your individuality and natural looks with the treatment.

I offer you detailed and professional advice, so that you can then decide calmly what is important to you.













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