Tooth implants for a natural feel and a happy smile

Implants replace lost teeth and are the best method to restore the natural chewing function and aesthetics. After losing individual teeth or in the case of bigger gaps in the row of the teeth, the missing roots can be replaced by implants. This enables various supply options for completely toothless upper and lower jaws for a tight fit for dentures.


Implant planning is teamwork: The dentist and the oral surgeon plan "backwards" starting from the desired end situation to the start of the treatment. The two doctors plan this together in order to achieve the best functional and aesthetic solution for an implant treatment. You, as the patient, benefit from the specialization and expertise of both doctors. Your dentist specializes in prosthetics, meaning the crown, bridge or prosthesis in the individually adapted material and color selection as well as shaping, so that the dentures fit you and appear very natural. Dr. Zoder takes care of the surgical part of the therapy.


Analyzing whether enough bone exists or whether bones must be built for stable implants, is the critical point in the implant planning process. Dr. Zoder is specialized in covering small bone defects with bone replacement material, sinus lift operations and even complex reconstruction of the entire jaws. Using 3D diagnostics and 3D planning, the optimal position of the implants can be determined. Implants need 4 to 6 months to grow into the jaw. During this time, provisional implants may be inserted, on which individual teeth or prosthetics are then mounted. 


After the healing period, the implant is exposed and after 2 to 3 weeks, your dentist will put in the tooth replacement. Good oral hygiene and regular follow-ups ensures long term durability of implants.

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