Sinus lift - Bone augmentation of the upper jaw

Over the years, the sinuses get bigger and sink downwards. This causes the upper jaw bone to slowly degrade. The bone height in the side tooth areas of the upper jaw is therefore often reduced so strongly that an implant cannot be anchored. In order to have optimal hold for the implant, the bone structure and the bone density must be determined. 


If the existing bone material is no longer sufficient, a bone augmentation (sinus lift) can be performed before the implantation. Using the sinus lift, the resorbed upper jaw bone can be built up. 


The sinus lift creates the prerequisite for a long lifespan of the implant. 


This procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis and under the influence of local anesthesia

By lifting the sinus mucosa and appositioning of bones or bone replacement material in the area of the sinus bottom, the jawbone gets thicker, so that implants can be mounted securely.

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