Malocclusion (orthognathic surgery)

Malocclusion (misaligned jaw) is very common in in our society. Often it becomes apparent when important mechanisms, such as chewing or biting into an apple are presenting difficulties, or when relaxed closing of the lips is not possible. Teeth can be moved only within the frame provided by the jaw bones. If the lower jaw is too short and situated behind the upper jaw, often the orthodontist cannot solve this problem just by tooth movement alone. Several anatomical deviations can lead to pain and tension in the jaw and the neck muscles through to jaw joint pain, headache and facial pain. Associated effects are unfortunate facial proportions and asymmetries, which often are perceived as unaesthetic. In these cases, an osteotomy (i.e., a surgical displacement of the jaws) can result in functional and aesthetic improvement.

The aim of a surgical correction of malocclusion is to create a well-functioning masticatory system (in collaboration with the orthodontist and the dentist), in order to promote harmony of the face as well as its individual character. 

> Example of a typical course of treatment

Treatment forms for misalignment of the jaw and chin

The following animation schematically shows the surgery for various misalignments of the jaw. Please select a misalignment and start the animation by clicking the play button.

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